“Tag along as I butcher La Bella Lingua and Eat and Drink my way across Italy!”


rcm recording

R onan’s Italy show is a labor of love, pet project. My day job is being a recording producer / Mixer (info about that side of my life here) I make the Italy show on my rare days off and late night after the recording session are over. Camera work is usually handled by me or what every friend I have around that I can get to hold the camera. The show has no budget, no sponsors and I have no experience making a travel show. Its just fun for me, but I hope that lots of people enjoy it. Making the show has become a great passion of mine and I am investing in gear and knowledge to hopefully one day make the show live up to the wonderful things that are featured on it.

Since I squeeze in working on the show around my already busy schedule I do not get to make new episodes as often as I would like, but please sign up for the mailing list to get updates when ever I post a new show.

If you have a place of interest in Italy that you think might be good on the show (restaurant, winery, farm, hotel, crafts house) please let me know and we might be able to work out the logistic to have me feature it on the show, especially if you have some connections that might be able to help make that happen.

I hope you enjoy the show.