So What does that have to do with Italy? This is the bag I bought before my last trip to Italy. I needed a smaller bag that would make it easier to do photo and video for the show when I could not bring the whole production rig out with me. I also wanted something that did not look like a camera bag. I had been looking at the Think Tank Retrospective 4, but it seems a bit too expensive, so I tried the Tramrac.


In this episode we take a look at the benefits of traveling to Italy in the off season as I visit two of Andrea Palladio’s great masterpieces. Traveling around Vicenza in the Veneto, North Italy, by myself, armed with a consumer video camera I visited Teatro Olimpico and La Rontonda also known as Villa Capra.

To see some more professional shots of Teatro Olimpico, check out this video of the great Cecilia Bartoli performing there.